Salvation is being published through Action Lab Comics in late 2019!!!

Salvation is being published through Action Lab Comics in late 2019!!!


I love comics. I really do. Trying to break into this industry is a heart breaking endeavor, but I don't want to be doing anything else.

From my initial foray into my dad's old Spider-Man floppies as a kid, my adult obsession with creator owned books, and my own furtive steps into working in the medium, my place to escape will always be comic books. Below are three examples of some projects I am currently working on, each in different stages of completion. I'm always working on new stuff, so check back periodically to see some cool projects I have in the pipeline!



A western in four parts. I've always been interested in the act of storytelling, in how fact turns into fiction over the course of generations. Salvation is my exploration of storytelling, myths, and legends. Set in a world six hundred years past an apocalypse, Salvation follows a gun-slinging robot, a girl raised in a wasteland, and a cyborg cultist hellbent on revenge.

Fight Night

In the future, the sporting event of the year is watching two giant robots beat the ever living shit out of each other. Fight Night follows a team of under dog Americans trying to make it on the world stage, and a woman from Japan trying to live up to her family's legacy of robot domination. 

Secret project

Stay tuned for an upcoming comic book project from Anthony Mauro and Ben Parslow!